Woodworking YouTubers that inspired me!

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Which woodworkers inspired me to start a YouTube channel

Every woodworker has it's own style. It was when I stumbled apon these YouTubers that I said to myself, yeah, I want to do that as well! There are ton's of woodworkers out there and it's a real treat that YouTube exists and you can learn so much from it. I watch the more traditional woodworkers a lot to increase my skill, but it's these guys I'm talking about in this video that make me watch woodworking for fun! I really enjoy these guys as they are unique, make awesome products and most of them started out just like me. 

I am a self taught woodworker. I have no education in woodworking, I have a business degree, so I know what I talk about on the business side of woodworking. Most of the guys I talk about in this video are self-taught and because of that I can relate to them. They are my inspiration for starting this channel and make me want to inspire others as well. 

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So I'll set up this list as if it was a top 5. Don't get me wrong all these guys are great in their own way but the list goes down from 5 to number 1 number 1 being the greatest inspiration for me!


Number 5 Johnny Brooke and his channel crafted workshop

I start the list of with Johnny Brooke from Crafted Workshop. Johnny makes all kinds of furniture and home modification videos. I like the furniture builds the most and really like the way he narrates his videos. 

Number 4 Jay Bates

Next on the list is Jay Bates. The reason Jay has been an inspiration for me are his workshop improvement videos. He uploads a lot of videos on how to improve your woodshop!

Number 3 Mike montgomery and his channel Modern Builds

Mike has a wide selection of types of furniture he makes. The reason Mike is on this list is because he really has his way to simplify woodworking so that you get pushed over the edge to try it yourself!

Number 2 John 'the builder' Malecki

John for me is the typical stereotype American guy. I'm from Holland and my take on an American guy is John Malecki. I like the 'rough' style he has in his video's and the guy is just funny. John has a lot of video's where he combines metalworking with woodworking. He also does big Epoxy pours which takes guts and I like that in his videos.


Number 1 Chris Salomone and his channel Foureyes

My real inspiration for starting a woodworking channel. Chris and his channel Foureyes. Chris has this relaxing voice. The way he narrates his videos calms me down and I always watch his videos all the way through. He has some funny jokes in his videos, especially when he works together with his partner Shaun Boyd. They have a dynamic together that is extremely funny.

Chris always responds to my comments and really takes te time to give a personal answer. Chris says in his about page that he would love to inspire people, well he does, thanks Chris.

I posted all of the channel links of these woodworkers in the description. Make sure to check them out!

Which woodworkers are your inspiration? Let me know in the Comment section below! If you like this video subscribe to my channel. Make sure to hit the notification bell so you get notified whenever I upload new content. Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it!


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