Safety in your workshop

As a woodworker you are working with dangerous machines. Caring for your own safety is very important! It would be a shame if you lose a finger or damage your hearing by being careless in taking the right safety precautions!

I was very careless in the beginning of my woodworking career! That was untill I started looking in the hazards I was taking by being careless! Take a look at the video below, you'll see an accident happens within a blink of your eyes!

On this page you'll find articles related to safety precautions and measures you can take to prevent accidents and injuries. You'll also find convenient products you can order to guarantee your safety!

You can order the products through an Amazon Affiliate link. If you order through this link, Amazon will give me a small commission on your order. Amazon gives it to me, you don't pay anything extra for it! You'll help me out a lot though!


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